Botox is hailed for its ability to create smooth, wrinkle-free skin. The popular cosmetic injection works by temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles which cause wrinkles. Wondering what it can do for your complexion? Kathe Malinowski, lead esthetician and marketing manager for Eterna MedSpa & Laser Vein Center, talks about the three most common areas for Botox injections:

1. Forehead wrinkles


Botox can be used on the Glabella area of the forehead to soften the vertical lines, also called the 11s, which develop between the brows.

“This helps to get rid of the snarl look,” Malinowski said.

2. Crow’s feet

Botox reduces the visibility of crow's feet by relaxing the muscles that surround the corners of the eyes.

“If your crow’s feet are bothering you, units can be injected to soften the lines in this area,” Malinowski said.

3. Eye area

Many people come to Eterna wanting help to correct the appearance of hooded eyes.

“Botox is great for lifting this area and brightening up the eyes,” Malinowski said.

Besides cosmetic purposes, Botox can also be used to help control the symptoms of severe underarm sweating, or hyperhidrosis, by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. Botox can be used for hands, feet and underarms for hyperhidrosis.

Whether Botox is used for medical or cosmetic purposes, repeat injections are an expected part of therapy. As an anti-aging treatment, Botox may take seven to 10 days to set after the first set of injections. Results typically last about three months. Wondering if Botox is right for you? Schedule a free consultation at Eterna.