Bikini waxing for the summer.

Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 9:45am
With summer right around the corner, many people are ready to ditch their T-shirts and jeans for shorts and swimsuits.
For some, that means a grooming of the nether regions is in order.
If you want to go bare down there from front to back, consider ditching the razor, which can lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs, in favor of a Brazilian wax.
While the latter can cause some discomfort, the method has longer-lasting effects than shaving and is great for removing large amounts of hair at one time.
If you are thinking of getting one, be sure to schedule an appointment several days before any planned summer vacations.
“Don’t come the day before you are leaving as you may get red or even bruise a little,” said Kathe Malinowski, lead esthetician and marketing manager for Eterna MedSpa & Laser Vein Center. “I would say do it a week before you go.”
During the Brazilian wax procedure, a zinc oxide wax is used for the outer area, which means less irritation and redness. A hard wax is used for lifting hair in the more sensitive inner region.
While the effects of shaving may only last for a few days, waxing treatments can last about six weeks, depending on how quickly the client’s hair grows.
Clients can prepare for their Brazilian wax by making sure pubic hair is no longer than a 1/4-inch before they come in for the appointment.
“That is long enough for the wax to pull but not too long that it would hurt,” Malinowski said.

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